Ethical Principles Policy

We, Artimex Foreign Trade & Consultancy, are an export and import company that embraces and practices ethical values. We are aware of our responsibilities towards our customers, employees, suppliers, and the community. We guide our business practices by adopting the following ethical principles:

Fair and Transparent Business Relationships: We conduct our business relationships in a fair and transparent manner. We engage in honest and constructive communication with our business partners. We adhere to contracts, agreements, and commitments.

Legal Compliance: We ensure full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We conduct our commercial activities within ethical and legal boundaries. We strictly refrain from involvement in bribery, corruption, and illegal activities.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction and trust are our priorities. We deliver high-quality products and provide services that meet customer requirements. We keep customer data confidential and act in accordance with privacy policies.

Employee Rights: We respect the rights of our employees. We treat employees fairly during the recruitment process and provide equal opportunities. We strive to improve working conditions, implement measures for occupational health and safety, and support the development of our employees.

Environmental Responsibility: We are conscious of our responsibility towards the environment. We embrace sustainability principles and aim to reduce environmental impacts. We promote efficient resource usage, control waste, and encourage environmentally friendly practices.

We share, communicate, and implement this ethical principles policy with all our employees. We also encourage our business partners to adhere to our ethical standards. We continuously review and improve our policies, creating a company culture centered around ethical values.