Environmental Policy

We, Artimex Foreign Trade & Consultancy, are an export and import company committed to reducing our environmental impact and operating in accordance with the principles of sustainability. We embrace the following principles for the preservation of the environment and a sustainable future:

Environmental Performance: We continuously assess our environmental performance to minimize our impacts and promote sustainable use of resources. We control waste and emissions, and manage resources such as energy and water efficiently.

Legal Compliance: We comply with all environmental regulations and adhere fully to legal requirements. We conduct our export and import processes in line with environmental standards, fulfilling licensing, permitting, and reporting obligations.

Sustainable Supply Chain: We select suppliers based on sustainability principles and expect them to adopt environmentally friendly practices. We collaborate for supply chain management based on sustainable and fair trade principles.

Education and Awareness: We educate and support our employees on environmental matters. We organize knowledge-sharing and training programs to increase awareness of sustainability and environmental responsibilities.

Continuous Improvement: We regularly review our business processes and practices, seeking improvement opportunities. Our focus is on minimizing environmental impact, finding innovative solutions, and enhancing our sustainability performance.

By embracing this environmental policy with the participation of all employees and continuously reviewing it, we commit to achieving our environmental objectives. We share and implement our company’s environmental policy, ensuring transparent communication.