Import and Export
Innovative Trade Solutions
Delivered to Your Doorstep with Just One Click
Management Consulting
Strong Leadership, Sustainable Success
Import and Export
Innovative Trade Solutions
Delivered to Your Doorstep with Just One Click
Management Consulting
Strong Leadership, Sustainable Success

About Artimex

We are Artimex Foreign Trade & Consultancy, a global export & consultancy company operating worldwide. We stand out in the industry by offering our customers high-quality products and customer-focused services. With years of experience in the export field and a strong network, we aim to add value to our customers.Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction and achieve a leading position in the global market. To accomplish this, we continuously monitor the quality of our products and offer them to our customers at competitive prices. Building long-term, mutually trusting relationships with our business partners is the foundation of our business.

Why Artimex?

Artimex stands out as a leading company in the industry with a comprehensive range of products and services. From import and export to e-commerce, and from management consulting to product supply, we operate across a broad spectrum. Our aim is to meet the needs of our business partners and support their successes through the delivery of high-quality products and services. With our experience and customer-centric approach, Artimex is here for you.

Experienced in Global Markets

With its experienced team, Artimex is a strong player in the global markets, delivering quality services to guide its customers towards success.

Customized Product Supply Based on Demand

Artimex provides customized solutions to its customers through demand-based product supply, delivering high-quality products according to your needs.

Turnkey Projects

Artimex offers comprehensive and complete solutions to its customers through turnkey projects, completing your project on time with its expert team.

Achieve Results That Fully Meet Your Expectations

Choose our company, Artimex, which places its valuable customers at the center, to obtain results that fully satisfy your expectations.

Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Services

Through multi-disciplinary consulting services, Artimex offers expertise and guidance across a wide range of areas to its customers.

Prioritizing Innovation and Quality

Artimex, placing innovation and quality at the forefront, continues to provide its customers with superior services and products.

Customer and Solution-Oriented Business Approach

Rooted in reliability, Artimex maintains a customer and solution-oriented business approach, prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Tailored Beneficial Solutions for You

Artimex provides tailored beneficial solutions, offering products and services that match your needs and delivering solutions that streamline your business.

Our Services

Import and Export

Import and export play a significant role in global trade. As Artimex, we offer comprehensive solutions to help our customers achieve success in international trade. With our extensive network and experienced team, we manage our clients’ import and export processes, oversee customs procedures, and provide support in logistics matters. By working with us, you can seize opportunities in international trade and expand your business on a global scale.


In the digital age, e-commerce holds significant importance for the success of businesses. At Artimex, we provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions to our customers. By offering our wide range of products on online platforms, we deliver a user-friendly shopping experience. If you too wish to harness the power of e-commerce and grow in the digital world, we invite you to join the Artimex e-commerce realm.

Management Consulting

Effective management strategies are essential for businesses to grow competitively and sustainably. At Artimex, we aim to add value to our customers through our management consulting services. With our experienced consultants, we provide tailored solutions to address the needs of your business, offering guidance in areas such as strategic planning, process improvement, organizational development, and performance management.

Artimex in Global Markets

With a strong presence in global markets, Artimex operates in countries like Russia, Sweden, Serbia, Georgia, the United States, and Egypt. By providing reliable services to our customers in these countries, we contribute to international collaborations and trade opportunities. At Artimex, we take pride in our experience in understanding and meeting the requirements of local markets, supporting our customers in achieving successful business outcomes.

Industries We Serve

Cleaning Products

Artimex offers a hygienic lifestyle through quality cleaning products. Our wide product range includes cleaning materials, hygiene products, and cleaning equipment.

Packaging Products

Artimex helps protect your products with secure and durable packaging solutions. Discover Artimex's packaging products for safe transportation and storage.

Technical Hardware

Artimex simplifies your tasks with professional and high-quality technical hardware products. Obtain the technical hardware you need for construction and repair projects from Artimex.

Occupational Safety Products

Artimex supports occupational safety. Choose Artimex's occupational safety products to ensure safety at your workplace and protect your employees.

Traffic Equipment

Artimex provides essential traffic safety equipment. Utilize Artimex's traffic equipment to comply with traffic regulations and prioritize safety.

Food Products

Artimex offers customers delightful choices with fresh and high-quality food products. Our extensive range includes dry foods, snacks, and fresh produce.

Get in Touch with Us

At Artimex, our expert and experienced team is eager to connect with you. We look forward to assisting you in understanding your solution needs and answering your questions. Contact us, and let’s collaborate to take your business forward.

E-Commerce and B2B Activities

In our e-commerce and B2B endeavors, we actively maintain stores on various online marketplaces. At Artimex, through these stores, we showcase our diverse product range and deliver our high-quality products to customers. You too can visit our stores for reliable and efficient online shopping or business transactions, easily meeting your needs with fast and dependable delivery options.